Personal Hypnotherapy Solutions Services

The Consultation

The Consultation – is an initial meeting where fact finding can happen in relatively relaxed surroundings. The information helps me to then create an individual care plan specifically designed to meet the needs and concerns of the person. Any questions the person may have throughout can be answered, in particular those around hypnosis as an experience, are explained clearly. Terms & Conditions are available in the practice brochure which is in easy download format. Each person is encouraged to take as much time as they need, to decide what options are best for them.

Session Work

The real work of successfully applying therapeutic changes to enhance personal health is a central theme of the services offered here at Personal Solutions. Each person is encouraged to book appointment times that suit their schedule. The practice operates a cancellation policy and people are encouraged to fulfil their appointments so as not to incur costs for missed sessions.

The services highlighted below offer opportunities to regain real control over personal skills and as a result, to live more successfully on a daily basis. The list of services is by no means exclusive – individual's come along on a regular basis optimistic that I can help them with their challenges and very often I can. At those times when I am unable to help for what ever reason, I will gladly refer to other practitioners I know can help.

What is Hypnotherapy?


Smoking Cessation

central to health and future well-being, the aims of this service are to enable the person to stop smoking immediately and for good. Not only does this start by promoting better physical health – but emotional and psychological health is also positively affected too.

Stress Management

is central work that enables a person to re-establish their health. Again, sleep is an essential requirement to regain balance. Work-life balance is also an essential area to help the person maintain their health. I can also arrange stress-less workshop's for groups in the workplace to get benefit.

Sleep Enhancement

is an area for either adults or children (with parental consent) who experience difficulties with sleep naturally. Sleep is an area of concern also touches upon those who live with chronic conditions that involve pain and how to manage this.

Pain Management

reasons (if known) illness or injury that may well have long term implications, where the need for the person is to adapt and make progress long term.


Irritable bowel syndrome can be successfully managed using hypnosis. There is reliable research that indicates that the symptoms of IBS can be greatly reduced using hypnosis.

Diabetes Type I/II

sufferers with this long terms challenge to health can benefit from adapting to the demands made on their health. Learning to adjust and adapt with a flexible approach to the challenge of such conditions is about living life to the best of abilities available at any given time.

Emotional Health

History of events and/or experiences that are no longer helpful – can be altered in ways to enable the person to move on from being stuck.

Rebuilding self esteem, developing personal confidence using hypnotic regression, time-line strategies, enables changes in emotional health and is conducive to overall physical health.

Dealing with panic attacks and/or anxiety – techniques of relaxation through hypnosis applied therapeutically enable a person to regain control.

Personal Development

includes building self esteem and confidence to be yourself, in what ever situation and circumstance. Especially important for the younger person, still in school or college, wanting to do well with exams, or taking a driving test but overly nervous to feel confident.

The woman returning to work after a period of being at home raising children. Just to go for interviews and feel more in control and assertive in terms of knowing what direction to take.

It can be relevant for the man in the workplace, wanting promotion or needing to lead a team. This includes opportunities to become more self assured when presenting projects in the workplace and also applies to women too.


includes therapeutic opportunity for the individual to recover from broken relationships, with an optimism for the future.

Overcoming the 'rut' of a mature relationship and discovering a more fulfilling path. Understanding relationships and working to establish relationships that are fulfilling and meaningful.

New relationships, setting out to set up a relationship to succeed. Based on what is right for the two people involved, establishing an equal relationship and maintaining good communication.

When relationships change – the advent of the arrival of children, ageing parents, life changes.