Seminar: Time & Space Travel – Mind Travel for Healthy Solutions – TBC

This seminar focuses on -

  • Learn more about Health
  • Confident mind travel
  • Exploiting great resources
  • Future Health - Factors

This is a rare and exceptional opportunity for those who want to explore past, future and present time travel methods, in order to capture the essence of creating worldly Health & Well-being.

Learn from this experience. It will help you counter balance the damaging affects of earthly stresses – this totally memorable and creative expedition is designed for your enjoyment and health benefit.

As your Captain, let me guide you through the fascinating world of the human brain. Be amazed by the power locked inside your own memories. Discover how mind travel plays a vital role in time travel across incredible distances. Finally, be blown away with the science behind the Life-force Energy – it is a universal given, available to all and powerful beyond your imagination.


Date: TBC

Venue: Broadway House, 4-8 The Broadway – Newbury

Launch Time: TBC

Fee: TBC

Number of Seat Reservations: TBC


Full Facilities & Refreshments on board. Predicted launch conditions - clear night time skies, smooth in-flight transition (no sick bags necessary).
Your Captain for this trip: Stephanie V Kirke – The Intrepid (unrelated to James T (you know who) – USS Enterprise).

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