Seminar: Age is Just a Number Ageing Well With a Healthier Mind-Set - TBC

This seminar focuses on -

  • Design a great mind-set
  • Age is just a number
  • Energy creation - transformation
  • Mind travel and how to optimise health

You are likely to have heard the expression “Act your age – not your shoe size”. For those of us beyond the age of 50+, this can be a fatal compromise in terms of a health and the future. Age and ageing, comes with a whole 'shed load' of negative expectations. Negative expectations are not good for the brain and there is a lot of talk these days from neuroscience how our expectations create changes in the brain. Through research, brain health is fast becoming a focus that will pay off great dividends.

When the mind is helped to change negative expectations, negative self fulfilling expectations are less likely to show up in the future. So there is everything to go for and this seminar will help those of you who come along, learn how to change your expectations that are not helpful for your future health.

It is also useful to learn how to transform tired energies (or worse) to create plentiful supplies of energy regardless of age. Finally, learning how to use the time-travel experience as a brain relief from the detrimental affects of stress. This is where neuroscience and brain health gain momentum and the individual is encouraged to use hypnosis is easy, natural ways. It is something that hypnotherapists like myself have been doing now for decades.


Date: Coming Soon

Venue: Broadway House, 4-8 The Broadway – Newbury

Launch Time: TBC

Fee: TBC

Number of Seat Reservations: TBC



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