Health is Personal - Seminars 2017

The series is open to those who want to know how to secure better health on all levels – meaning physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health. People will come along to sit comfortably in an audience setting and the most difficult thing they will be asked to do is listen and take part with their active imaginations. For the most part, active engagement will be on the basis of the person doing what they chose from what is offered. There is no stage act or participation that involves an individual stepping up to entertain others that are there. At best, we have designed an 'experience' that will rebalance, restore, revitalise, re-build, recharge what ever it is that will benefit you the person. All from the comfort of the chair.


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Upcoming Seminars

Age is Just a Number Ageing Well With a Healthier Mind-Set
Seminar: TBC

  • Design a great mind-set
  • Age is just a number
  • Energy creation - transformation
  • Mind travel and how to optimise health



Mindset Matters – Creating a Compelling Future
Seminar: TBC

  • Past does not equal the future
  • Learning - past for future
  • Finding your direction
  • Beliefs are the sign-posts



Sleep with the Gods
Seminar: TBC

  • Understand the nature of sleep
  • How to prepare for restful sleep
  • How to 'turn off' from the daytime activities
  • Sleep & Dreams Programme - experience the reality



Time & Space Travel – Mind Travel for Healthy Solutions
Seminar: TBC

  • Learn more about Health
  • Confident mind travel
  • Exploiting great resources
  • Future Health - Factors